Laminated doors have become a very popular product, so much so that the standard of their quality has increased significantly in recent years. Laminated doors are an ideal solution for anyone who is not committed to the idea of solid wood. They are cost-effective and durable, with an innovative and very attractive finish that is reliable and stands up to normal wear and tear.
Doors that are practical, functional and cost-effective, with the benefit of a laminated finish:
washable and unaffected by humidity.
Extremely durable and stable doors that will stand the test of time.
Laminated doors come in a range of colours including all types of wood in many different shades, faithfully reproducing the most popular varieties with excellent results in terms of their final appearance.
Laminated doors are a modern and stylish solution, where the simplicity of the design conveys a feeling of utter elegance.
A perfect balance between attractive looks and cost savings.